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The planet Arrakis is at the center of an intergalactic conflict. It is on it that spice grows - a substance with extraordinary properties that allows you to control the whole Universe. However, the planet itself is filled with huge sandworms and fremen wanderers that hide in caves, so getting to the cherished spice is an incredibly difficult task.

The plot is based on the book of the same name, published by Frank Herbert in 1965. This is the third screen version of the science fiction novel at indofilm, this time Denis Villeneuve took the director's chair. The director was twice nominated for an Oscar for his work: Fire and Arrival, - he also released the detective thriller The Captives and the fantastic drama Blade Runner 2049. The composer of the Dune project was Hans Zimmer - winner of the Oscar for the soundtrack to the animated film The Lion King.

Villeneuve planned a dilogy, emphasizing that it is impossible to fit all the events of the book into just one film. This was confirmed by the Legendary studio, which is engaged in the production of the picture, according to them, the first part will be devoted to the prehistory of the world, which was only hinted at in the original literary work. The main character in the film was played by 23-year-old actor Timothy Chalamet, who has already received a nomination for Best Actor from the American Film Academy.